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Chicago's Catholic Parishes: Architecture, Ethnicity, and Social History

This exhibition features the opening and founding locations of Chicago Catholic Parishes as well as focus studies of key architectural monuments. It is meant to track the shifting patterns of Catholic Chicago in terms of the ethnic make up of the city and its social history.

Each Archbishop's term is visualized with a different color, visible from the chronology slider at the bottom of the screen. In addition, when a viewer clicks on the Archbishop's timeline, she will learn more about his term as well as see screen shots of Google Maps indicating the dsitribution of ethnic communitites in the founding parishes/churches of his period. (Note: currently, the middle years of Archbishop Feehan's term [1887-1892] have not been completed. The viewer is advised to consult the Bochar volume for information on those parishes/churches.)

Finally, individual buildings with different founding ethnic groups are also highlighted as separate entries. Click on these to see illustrations of specific churches as well as an introduction to their architectural and social histories.

This exhibition was created by the HAA 371 Historical Catholic Churches of Chicago (Digital Section) class in the History of Art & Architecture Department of DePaul University (Spring 2017).